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Mar 09, 2009 at 01:07 PM

DC Metadata inconsistency detected


I have a project which uses an External Library and a Library project. POI_eLib and POI_lib. I built everything - ran and deployed the application and everything works great. I checked in the POI_eLib and released it in the Transport View. Then I checked in the POI_lib, when I go to release the activity I get this error message:

Build number assigned: 317

Change request state from QUEUED to PROCESSING

REQUEST PROCESSING started at 2009-03-09 05:28:43.264 GMT

ACTIVATION request in Build Space "JP1_EPPHASE2_D" at Node ID: 3,431,550

[id: 326; parentID: 0; type: 4]


Waiting for access: 83 ms

===== Pre-Processing ===== started at 2009-03-09 05:28:43.347 GMT

List of requested for activation activities:

'myl.com_MYLAN_1' compartment

Create POI Library

[ISN 19][created by M100236 at 2009-03-08 23:17:49.0][OID 28207c4f0c5311de89cc9ad54e639164]

There is 1 activity in compartment myl.com_MYLAN_1

1 activity will be processed by this request

Analyze dependencies to predecessor activities... started at 2009-03-09 05:28:43.351 GMT

Analyzing predecessors in compartment "myl.com_MYLAN_1"

No dependencies to predecessor activities found.

Analyze dependencies to predecessor activities... finished at 2009-03-09 05:28:43.391 GMT and took 40 ms

Analyze versions... started at 2009-03-09 05:28:43.391 GMT

List Active Versions Report: "HTTP/1.1 207 Multi-Status" finished at 2009-03-09 05:28:43.417 GMT and took 26 ms

Synchronize metadata for [] started at 2009-03-09 05:28:43.441 GMT

Verification of DL [ws/EPPHASE2/myl.com_MYLAN/dev/active/] finished at 2009-03-09 05:28:43.465 GMT and took 16 ms

Verification of cache (level 2: Comparison of attributes) finished at 2009-03-09 05:28:43.487 GMT and took 22 ms

Synchronize metadata for [] finished at 2009-03-09 05:28:43.487 GMT and took 46 ms

< CREATE > '' DC

Analyze versions... finished at 2009-03-09 05:28:43.488 GMT and took 97 ms

Analyze activities... started at 2009-03-09 05:28:43.488 GMT

Loading component definitions

DC Metadata inconsistency detected: Registered DC vendor/name "" does not correspond to "" declared in the DC definition

1 component to be build in compartment "myl.com_MYLAN_1"

Analyze activities... finished at 2009-03-09 05:28:43.496 GMT and took 8 ms

Calculate all combinations of components and variants to be built...

Analyze request DC BV... started at 2009-03-09 05:28:43.499 GMT

'' variant 'default'

'' variant 'default' cannot be built. ACTIVATION will fail.

INVALID dependency is declared

DC '' in SC 'myl.com_MYLAN_1' USES Non-existing DC '' [public-part: POI_Asmbly] AS Build-Time Dependency [validity: USED COMPONENT OR PUBLIC PART IS UNKNOWN OR UNDEFINED]

Analyze request DC BV... finished at 2009-03-09 05:28:43.501 GMT and took 2 ms

===== Pre-Processing ===== finished at 2009-03-09 05:28:43.503 GMT and took 156 ms

Change request state from PROCESSING to FAILED

Error! The following problem(s) occurred during request processing:

Error! The following error occurred during request processing:Activation failed due to component "" variant "default". The component is BROKEN.

REQUEST PROCESSING finished at 2009-03-09 05:28:43.504 GMT and took 240 ms

No build logs available for the request.

I thought the best thing might be to remove these libraries and recreate them as I can't figure out why they are inconsistant and have no idea how to fix them but I get this message:

Some files have been edited/changed.

Look over your open activities.

The thing is I have NO open activities. In fact I have no activities at all for POI_eLib as it was transported already - This really has me in a jam as this application was supposed to be released today and I have no idea how to fix this!