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Former Member
Mar 09, 2009 at 12:44 PM

Selection and Group by query help required


Hi All,

I have made an query as under :

SELECT T0.Postable, T0.AcctCode, T0.AcctName, T0.CurrTotal, T0.ActType, T1.Account, T1.Debit, T1.Credit, T1.Debit-T1.Credit, ' Accounts Balance',T1.RefDate FROM OACT T0 INNER JOIN JDT1 T1 ON T0.AcctCode = T1.Account

I want that only ActType which are I (Revenue) and E (Expenditure) should come in the query and rest should not come. How to achive this.

Also want that I should get group by results also. Means All AcctCode should be group together in the complete query.

Please advise