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Mar 09, 2009 at 11:50 AM

Weird behavior in assigning requirement pattern (audit graduation)



I have the following setup:

On the SC i have filled infotype "Requirement Catalogs (1778)" with a Requirement Catalogs and Requirement Catalogs for audit type 1000. I've also marked it as a "Main catalog".

Requirement Catalogs: VAHO

Version: 2.0

Now in the IMG i have the following setting:

Student Lifecycle Management -> Processes in Student Lifecycle Management -> Audits -> Requirement Catalogs -> Define Structure of Version Sets

Set Version Default version

Audit 1.0 X

Audit 2.0

When i exicute the Audit via PIQAUD_MP_CP it is giving me an error:

No requirement pattern is assigned to requirement catalog VAHO, version 1.0, and audit type 1000.

When I change the default version to 2.0 it is working correctly.

This seems stange to me because on the SC I have said that the version 2.0 must be used.

Am I missing something, did i missunderstood something or is it just a little bug in SLcM?

Please help.

Thanks a lot