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Mar 09, 2009 at 11:27 AM

substracting operation scanerio


Dear all

I have done below stem of subcontracting:

1. For a production material (1001), one raw material (2001) is assigned.

2. Production process of 1001 is having four operations 10, 20, 30 and 40.

3. In this 10, 30, and 40 are internal operations and 20 is external operation (sub-contracting).

4. To address this, we created a dummy material (non-valuated) and named as 1001-20 (Finished product number + Operation to be performed).

5. This 1001-20 should form part of the component in BOM of 1001. That is BOM of 1001 will have components as raw material 2001 and this dummy material 1001-20. In routing, assign this dummy material 1001-20 to operation 20.

6. During BOM creation, i have removed costing relevancy for the item 1001-20.

7. In routing, operation 20 is created with a work center (which is external operation work center) with exteranl operation control key.

8. In operation details, for external processing, assign the info record (substracting info record ) of external processing.

9. Info record of external processing has to be created for vendor with relevance to the operation to be performed externally with vendor. (We are using material group field in the external processing in routing operation).

8) i have given ind req. of (1001), header material. and then run mrp sys has been created req of haeder material (1001) and 2001 and also dummy material 1001-20.

Is it right?

10. When create production order with above set up, system will not create Purcha Req for external operation.

so kindly tell me where am i wrong ? or tell me detail substracting operation scanerio?