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Mar 09, 2009 at 11:04 AM

F1 help


I have to create 4 screens with close to 15 fields in each screen.

On pressing F1 on any of the field in 1st screen, some text "ABC" should be displayed.

Few of these screen fields have similar lengths and data types.

Similarly, on pressing F1 on the 2nd screen field, some other text"xyz" should dispalyed ,

similarly for 3rd and 4th screen.

In this screen ,I should create15*4 = 60 data elements , where first 15 data elements have description "ABC",next 15 have description "XYZ".and so on...

Is there any other solution to the above problem without creating those many(60) data elements?

One more question:Other than data element level, is there any other way to maintain F1 help text for a screen field?