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Former Member
Mar 08, 2009 at 09:08 PM

Question on Quota Arrangement


Hi, All,

I am testing a scnerio regarding Quota Arrangment. Steps are below:

1. Create Info Record 1 for Vendor 1 and Material A; and Info Record 2 for Vendor 2 and Material A.

2. Create Contract for Vendor 1 and Material A; Create Scheduling Agreement for Vendor 2 and Material A.

3. Maintain Sorce List for Material A with Vendor 1 and Vendor 2, along with respective Contract and Scheduling Agreement assignment. MRP indicator 1 and 2 in Source List.

4. Maintain Quota Arrangment for Material A. Assign Vendor 1 30%, Assign Vendor 2 70%.

5. Get demand for material A through run MRP. Quantity: 1000

6. Convert Planned Order to Purchase Requisition for Material 1000.

Then I found the material 1000 only go to the big portion quota Vendor 2. Vendor 1 assignemnt is 0. I use ME58. ME56. to assign source.

What happened?

Please help me on this. How to use Quota Arrangment? How to set up.

Many thanks in advance