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Mar 08, 2009 at 12:25 AM

SD Sales Orders. Trouble Transporting to Q


Hi All

I have done some work in SD which involved installing some Business Content and some enhancement. I am now having trouble moving it to Q. This is what I did.

On EEC6 i installed 2LIS_11_VAHDR datasource and extractor from Business Content. This resulted in a transport (Transport A).

On BW I then replicated metedata.

I then took the already installed Sales Orders DSO from the 0SD infoarea and copied and renamed it in my infoarea. However the infosource and transfer rules were missing.

So I installed them from Business Content. This resulted in another transport (Transport B).

When tranporting to Q Transport A has work fine on ECC6 as did the replicate Metadata. However Transport B on BW failed miserably. So I created another transport manually with only datasource and transfer rules. I get the error that many infoobject are missing such as 0Doc_Categ etc.

I have noticed that 0SD infoarea (and the Business content Sales Orders DSO) is missing from Q, so should I install that business content on Q. Is that a normal thing to do or would you somehow transport it from dev. If I install Business Content on Q then I will probably have to do it on P too.

What should I do. All advice very much appreciated.