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Mar 07, 2009 at 10:25 AM

File Creation Number of DME 005 File for Bank Payment Canada


Hi Guys,

For DME generation for Canada we have copied tree type PAYM and format tree 005 into Z_005 and add few fields to Z_005.

Now we are generating DME 005 File for Bank Payment Canada. But while each time of file generation, File Creation Number is not getting incremented by 1.

All the time it is coming with 0001.But for next generation of file it should increment by 1 that is 0002 and so on.

In debug mode I can see the increment of file number in FM DMEE_EXIT_CA_CREATIONNO which is assign in transaction DMEE for tree type PAYM and format tree 005,but it is not reflecting in DME file.

Was Iu2019m missing in some configuration or number ranges? Can any body shed some light please?

The program of DME generation is SAPFPAYM.