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Mar 07, 2009 at 09:06 AM

strategy - 50


Hi all good day,

i have created one fert , one halb , and one roh

for fert i maintanied in mrp 3 view strategy group as 50

for halb and raw i just left blank

indi/coll req for halb and roh as - 2

availbility check for three are-01

i created demand in MD61 for fert for three months

when i run MRP for fert i can see

planned created for fert, halb and roh

and after that i proceesed with MD04

here when i am clicking show over view tree

system is onlu showing fert

it's not showing my halb and roh

and simultanaously i opend other screen

in which i directly opned with halb

and clicked show over tree and i can see

all planned orders of halb and roh

why this has happnd like this

is this std behaviour od SAP

after this i converted my roh into purchase order adn did migo

and halb into production order , confirmation and goods reciept

after i created sales order for fert

and again i rerun MRP

now planned orders have been created for fert

which can be converted to production order

atlast i am completed the process

my only question is why system is not showing all three in MD04 screen

for any further info revert back