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Mar 07, 2009 at 08:09 AM

Issue in stock transport order



We are facing this strange issue in our system.

We have a Stock transoport order for company code US20 and freight vendor US3003 is been used in STO.

This venodor US3003 has trading partner US30 while this vendor is created for company code US20.

Then delivery is created and goods issue posted. Now when we check accounting document, the following entry is generated- ( Also find the Attached screen shot)

Account Amount Trading partner

147000(Finished Product) CR 0.06 US20

147000 (Finished Product) DR 100.06 US20

270350 (GR/IR ) CR 100.00 US30

IF we analyze we can see that there is a debit of 100.06 for US20 trading partner but no offsetting entry. So there will remain a balance in US20 trading partner. For US30 there will be an offsetting entry in MIRO. but what should be done for balance in US20 trading parnter.

Please suggest.