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Former Member
Mar 07, 2009 at 07:39 AM

Query totals are not correct


Hi All,

I have a report reporting on some calculated key figures with the following layout:

Plant Material Balance1 Balance2 Balance3

Please note Balance1, Balance2 & Balance3 are all calculated key figures based on some calculations like the following:

Balance1 is defined

( CKFBal > CKFSBal ) * Balance1

The key figures CKFBal , CKKSBal is hidden in the report.

Now for the following example:

Plant Material Balance1

1000 ABCCCC 10

1000 ABCC231 20

Total 85

Here Balance1 is displaying only records meeting the criteria defined above but the totals do not reflect what is displayed it is appearing to be adding what is not in the report being displayed. I tried few normalisation options like Query Result, Report result nothing seems to be giving the right result.

Kindly please share your inputs how I can get the report to show the totals of what is displayed.