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Jul 05, 2018 at 11:17 AM

How Pagination Functionality works in SAPUI5?


Hi Everyone,

We are working on custom SAPUI5 application development. as part of the app , we have to showcase the data into table. I am having some doubts regarding pagination.

1. For Example if i have 1000 records, i set the growing = true and threshold value as 25. By default it will show first 25 records. after clicking the next 25, will it call OData again? or can we handle it on Front end model(OData v2 Model)?

2.By default the size limit is 100 for OData, if i explicitly mention as 1000, will it create any impact ? performance?

3.Without calling the service again and again , can i get the entire data into OData model then go for pagination?

Thank you,