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Mar 07, 2009 at 03:35 AM

FB01 and OB52 Prevent Posting.


Hi Expert

I am having a situation with the FB01 and OB52, note that the amount of simultaneous users is really Large in our installation. And we are looking forward to prevent Scenario 2.

1. Scenario 1. If the Period is Closed and the User starts a new screen to post via FB01 or other posting transaction all the SAP Validations will happen and will prevent the Posting.

2. Scenario 2.

a. The Period is Open, then the User Starts a new screen to post via FB01, so user put the first Line Item and the System will allow since the period was open.

b. At this moment the Someone Closes the Periods and doesnu2019t expect any single posting.

c. Assuming that the period is already closed (b) the User performing the entry continues with the second line item and the systems allows to continue even if the period is already closed.

d. Once itu2019s the time to save the entry we would expect the posting wonu2019t happen, but after saving it allows to post.

e. The worst part is after saving/posting the document the session continues open and remains with the values assuming the posting period is still open and allowing to continue adding new documents without restrictions. We would expect after a posting to happen a dispose of previous and don't allow to continue.

Hope you can help me and give me some advise, any Idea?