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Mar 07, 2009 at 12:11 AM

Shared memory area & triggering "client" actions


Hi all,

I'm playing around with shared objects, and I would like to accomplish one thing:

I have a shared memory and a "client" class which uses it.

When one of the instances of this client class calls a specific method of the shared memory root class, another instance of the client class should receive a message from the root class. This other instance would be running under a different user.

Since no events are allowed for shared memory area root classes, event handling on the side of the client class is not possible. I even tried to store references to instances of the client class in the shared memory but this would not work either (surprise! surprise! - CX_SHM_EXTERNAL_REFERENCE 😉

So apart from periodically querying the root class from the client, is there really no way how to initialize the SHMA->client communication from the shared memory area side ?


Stanislav Mikulas