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Mar 06, 2009 at 06:51 PM

Key Figure Aggregation Question


Hello All,

We are looking at a sales quantity key figure that has the following configuration in the aggregation tab.

Aggregation Maximum

Exception Aggregation Summation

Agg ref char Sales Order Number

We are having a very hard time understanding aggregation and exception aggregation in general.

Let's say in a cube we have the following data:

Sales order # 123456 Qty 100

Sales order # 987654 Qty 900

Sales order # 777777 Qty 500

With the above configuration set. If we have a query that shows:

Sales Order # and Qty

Would it only show 987654 because Max is set?

How would the exception work?

What option do we choose in the ODS? It has Max and overwrite. Why would you select one over the other? The infocube only has Max? Why?

Thanks so much!