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Mar 06, 2009 at 06:14 PM

How to balance allocation account



Normally, the allocation account should balance with all opened GRPOs and returns.

Actually, in order to verify if the Allocation Account balance is

corresponding to all opened GRPOs and returns, we create a user query.

This query will list the row total (without tax) for all the opened

rows of GRPOs and returns. This seems to work fine.

But we noticed that in OINM table, there is a field called 'Allocation' that could help us to know the theoritical value in the allocation account (by doing a SUM of this field).

This field is affected in negative when a GRPO is created, which is fine. Then, the field is affected in positive when an A/P invoice is created, which is also fine since the allocation account is reset when an invoice is created based on a GRPO.

The only thing that doesn't work is when we close a GRPO without creating an invoice based on it (or a return without creating a credit memo based on it). Normally the allocation account is reset when doing this (with the journal entry). But in OINM, it is not... we should not see an amount anymore in the 'Allocation' field for the GRPO (or the Return) that is now closed .

Same thing fort he 'OINM.OpenAlloc' field... this field is not affected when closing a GRPO or a return and it should be... no ?

What is the purpose of those fields ?

And since we can't trust the contents of those fields, one of our customer is asking us what is the best way to ensure that the Allocation Account balance is equal to what it should be ?

The purpose of my question is to have a tool that will allow our customers to validate that the allocation account is okay... !! We need a tool that will show if the allocation account balance is what it should be... you understand my point ? There is no report for the allocation account...

We have a tool to verify the inventory G/L accounts... It's called "the inventory audit report". With this tool, we can compare the Inventory G/L account balance with the real inventory transactions.

So, we need a tool that will indicate to the customer that the receivings not invoiced is balancing with the allocation G/L account balance. Are you following me ?