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Mar 06, 2009 at 11:20 AM

Import Data to new Sales Quotation with DTW


I'm hoping someone can advise me on the correct procedure of importing the body & rows of a new sales quotation document using the DTW.

Using the templates oQuotations\Documents.xlt and oQuotations\Document_Lines.xlt I have a macro that copies cells from an Excel sheet into these .xlt forms and saves them as Filename (Body).txt and Filename (Rows).txt.

When importing these files into DTW on the 'Choose Data file(s)' screen I have selected the Filename (Body).txt file for the 'Documents' and the Filename (Rows).txt for the 'Document_Lines'. When these have processed, the DTW shows an error of "1 item not imported" and the following in the error log:

No - Status - Key - Reason

1 - Created Failed - / - Invalid total (OQUT.DocTotal)Application-defined or object-defined error65171

What is this error message saying? I have added a figure in the DocTotal field and the same appears... I'd prefer not to add the DocTotal during the import of the Body as the Rows document has all of the figures associated with it.

Many Thanks in advance.