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Mar 06, 2009 at 10:52 AM

Help! : Link MS Access with BO Universe



I am working as an external consultant for a large financial institution who has BO Webi XI as its main reporting solution. The business users are currently not convinced of the possibilties of BO to answer to their ad hoc reporting needs by means of Webi reports or Liveoffice . Therefore, they require a direct access to the database to retrieve data by means of an ODBC connection into an MS Access file. This option will primarily be used when the database model does not allow a structure in line with the reporting need. In that case some sort of temporary view will be created in Access by means of storing data retrieved by queries on the DB locally on Access. This allows to store query results in a temporary table for other queries to be run on afterwards, add external data etc.

Problem is, IT is not fond of allowing a large number of users to have access to an ODBC connection.

I am convinced that the discussion could be settled if data could be retrieved in Access by using the objects defined in the universe (creates a number of advantages: automatic limit on the retrieved rows, use of predefined joins etc.). So, my question is the following: Is there some sort of live office tool for retrieving data in access? Can it be developped in some sort of way?

Running the queries in BO and exporting data in a flat file to load it back into Access is not an option to consider for the business users (lack of flexibility and fear to harm data integrity).

Thanks in advance for any feedback!