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Mar 06, 2009 at 09:25 AM

Asynchronous Business Object Event not triggering Workflow


Hello everybody,

I created a workflow for processing of inbound messages (IDoc). The workflow is correctly started when an IDoc arrives. Then it prepares some data and runs into a waiting step. After the user processes the messages via a custom transaction, the workflow should proceed and send some additional information to the message origin.

I created a new BO with an event ProcessComplete, which is called in the custom transaction via the following code:

INCLUDE <cntn01>.
DATA lo_zisu TYPE swc_object.

swc_container lo_container.
swc_create_container lo_container.
swc_set_element lo_container 'VAR1' lv_var.
swc_create_object lo_zisu 'ZABC' lv_object_key.
swc_raise_event lo_zisu 'ProcessComplete' lo_container.

But when I call this code, the workflow does not continue. When I use SWEL to manually create an event on this object, the workflow only continues when I set the check box "synchronous call". So in some way, the asychronous calls disappears completely.

Can anyone give me a hint, where to look for these calls? May there be a setting not active on the system for this particular workflow? Other workflows with the same method of event handling work well.

Thanks and regards,