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Mar 06, 2009 at 09:25 AM

how to handle amount based on currency key and pass it to an internal table


Hi Experts,

I have a problem with currency key format.

In RBKP, a record/document is stored in USDN currency with value 600,00000 in the amount(RMWWR).

When I fetch this record in my program's internal table, the amount field, which is of type RMWWR, gets stored as 600000.00.

I am moving this value to my final table where the amount field is of type WRBTR( same as RMWWR)

but the value gets downloaded as 600000.00 instead of 600,00000.

So the amount gets mismatched as the decimal places are not properly handled.

I have to simply pass this value to a file to be downloaded to an application server.

I have tried using like this but it is not working:

wa_final-rmwwr = <fs_rbkp>-rmwwr.

WRITE: wa_final-rmwwr CURRENCY <fs_rbkp>-waers.

append wa_final to t_final

How to move an amount field to an work area and subsequently pass the work area in the internal table using currency key?