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Mar 06, 2009 at 08:44 AM

Passing one controller's data to the model.


Dear Friends

same as the previous question but now i have another location to pass the data that is my model.

Could you please suggest me How I will pass selected line data of tableView from controller's DO_HANDLE_DATA method to model.

I have a tableview in that I am able to read "npa_sarea = table_event->row_key".

I want to pass npas_sarea to model for selecting another details based on this key. say "npa_sarea" is "carrid" then i want to pass the selected carrid to retrieve the schedule. i have model that provide me the table for my table view.. now i want to pass the selected key of the table view to my model to fetch another table details.

please reply me ay help will be greatly apprciated.

Thanking you