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Former Member
Mar 06, 2009 at 07:51 AM

Additional scheduling of orders


Hi all,

I am facing some issues with the Production Scheduling run.

Please throw some light on the below scenario:

Once the planning run is finished and Detailed scheduling has been done, there is an issue with the raw material availability 'coz of which the some orders need to be re-scheduled. However, the existing plan shouldnot get disturbed. To put it more clearly:

Suppose there is an Order which is scheduled in 3rd week from now. However, the RM is unavailable as per the original plan and therfore the Order cannot be executed. Thus we have the below two issues to handle:

1. How to re-schedule the orders as per the new RM availability without disturbing the original schedule?

2. How to utilize the resource capacity which is now available due to the above order cancellation?

For your information, I am working in SCM 2007 ( APO 5.1).

Any inputs in this regards will be highly appreciated.