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Mar 06, 2009 at 07:23 AM

Release rejected (check log) - Message no. C2039


hi experts,

i created rework production order in co08 with reference to sale order number.

and i assgned component as the same finished material code(item cat:l,operation:0010 and storagelocation:rw01).

and i assigned rework operation manually.


i have a stock of finshed material in rework storage location(rw01) in the same sale order stock.

now while i release the production order

Release rejected (check log)

Message no. C2039.

how can solve this????

NOTE: in material master for finished material

MRP 2 view - production storage location - FG01 (finished goods storage location)

and im changing it in rework production order as RW01 manually.

thanks in advance...