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Mar 06, 2009 at 06:37 AM

Field symbol


Dear experts,

Actually in the badi Import parameter T_ACCCR is of standard table type.

I debugged and checked , T_ACCCR has the structure ty_itab.

i want to move the data from T_ACCCR into another another internal table , to do some operations.

so i have declared the Field-symbol <dyn_table> to copy the dat from T_ACCCR.

From the <dyn_table> , i wan to move it to nomal itab , i 'm getting strucked with this.

types : begin of ty_itab,

awtyp(5) type c,

awref(10) type c,

aworg(10) type c,

posnr(10) type n,

curtp(2) type c,

waers(5) type c,

istat(1) type c,

wrbtr(7) type p decimals 2,

kursf(5) type p decimals 5,

fwbas(5) type p decimals 2,

skfbt(7) type p decimals 2,

wskto(7) type p decimals 2,

end of ty_itab.

data : itab type table of ty_itab.

field-symbols: <dyn_table> type standard table,

<dyn_wa> type any .

assign T_ACCCR[] to <dyn_table>.


i'm getting strucked with this part----

loop at <dyn_table> assigning <dyn_wa>.


insert <dyn_wa> into table itab. *----

> this is not working


your help would be appreciated.



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