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Mar 06, 2009 at 04:11 AM

Material cost estimation in COPA


Hello Everyone

I have question regarding how details of cost Estimate will flow to COPA Report.

Variance of Product cost will flow in COPA through PA Transfer Structure and its flowing on my report. However, I want to flow COGM (break up of the cost components) on COPA reports.

I have done below steps but itu2019s not flowing.

I have maintained Define Costing Keys for Accessing Material Cost Estimates. ( I have maintained 3 key with different Period Indicators.

A. Released Standard cost estimate matching goods issue

B. Current standard cost estimate to entry in Mat

C. Material cost estimate matching posting date.

Assign costing key in material ledger and i activate material ledger in actual costing/ material ledger.

I have chosen table lookup with MBEW on source fields in u201COriginu201D tab with MATNR, BWKEY and BWTAT as field and in assignment I have take VPRSV.

Maintain another with same field name in Source and selected KALAWI in Target fields.

And assigned the costing keys to key for accessing material cost to step1

I have assigned Cost Component structure to operating concern. ( I have created

Value fields which shows the details for COGM in Cost sheet and maintained the same in it.)

I have maintained external material group and assigned to Material master.

After doing all the above steps Material Ledger TAB is getting populated on the Material Master but when I run the Standard Cost Estimate its not showing details for Cost of sales in COPA.

Please do let me know if I need to do any additional steps with.

Thanks in Advance.