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Mar 06, 2009 at 03:07 AM

Questions on CO-PA Top down distribution


Hi experts,

I am looking at top down distribution and really wondering how does it work.

Like for example, we try to distribute transportation cost by executing top down distribution by setting

- actual data for direct posting from FI / overhead cost for the month, and

- reference data as billing data for the month.

What does the system actually do after we click execute? how does it determine that this transportation costs of $1000 should actually goes to customer A for $300, customer B for $200, customer C for $500 and material F, G and H etc?

Where is the configuration that determine this? Could an error in the configuration ends up distributing costs to dummy profit centre?

Under "Processing instructions" button, what is the meaning of the 3 options "Dist", "Ret" and "Summ" ? What is the difference if we select one instead of another?

Many thanks in advance for your kind sharing.