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Mar 05, 2009 at 08:50 PM

Authentication and Verification



how does NetWeaver Mobile handle authentication and authorization from the mobile device (eg: Windows Mobile + IE)? If an user is acessing a Transaction via ITSmobile, what are the possibilities I have to authenticate the user?

Is it possible to define:

- an identification of the mobile (like IMSI)? Can I configure that a transaction can only be accessed by a special device?

- verification of the user? After the user accessed the WebDynpro application via ITSmobile (user/password), can I send a SMS to the device and the user has to send an answer / key back to the server?

- verification of the user via voice? The user dials to the Voice Server to gain access to the application and only afterwards the application is accessible from the device used to make the call?

- The user accesses a web page and receives an number. He makes a call to the voice server, authenticates himself (mobile phone number + user id + token + voice recognition (this is user X), says the number from the web page and can access the application (all via voice or via IE/ITSmobile).

Does anybody have experience in authentication an user over a mobile device?