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Mar 05, 2009 at 05:06 PM

Help in getting the Read receipt in external mails ( like yahoomail , gmail


Hi Experts,

Scenario : We are sending notification mail to our external vendors for example We expect a Read acknowledgement to ensure the external vendor has gone through our notification generated from our SAP system. Point to consider is the two mail servers are different, sending mail server is configured to Outlook where as the receiving server will differ each time.

It would be better if anyone lets me know whether SAP ensure that we get read receipt (

acknowledgement) from other mail servers also?

Steps followed are:

Process 1: Using the function Module: SO_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1

Populating the fields:

wa_receivers-receiver = <External Email address>.

wa_receivers-rec_type = 'U'.

wa_receivers-notif_read = 'X'.

Passing this structure to the Tables parameter: Receivers.

However the read receipt is not obtained.

Process 2: Using the class and the method:


The structure is getting populated as:

recipient_soos1-recesc = 'U'.

L_recipient_soos1-recextnam = < External email>

l_recipient_soo1s-read = 'X'.

Also passing:

I_requested_status = u2018Au2019.

I_status_mail = u2018Au2019.

CALL METHOD send_request->set_status_attributes


i_requested_status = i_requested_status

i_status_mail = i_status_mail.

However the read receipt is not obtained.

Basis Settings:

SCOT->Settings->Confirmation of Receipts -> the first option is checked.

However still we are not getting the read receipt. The Delivery receipt is obtained but not the read-receipt