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Mar 05, 2009 at 03:43 PM

Offset of Minority Interest


Hi Friends,

Please help me to find a solution to the following problem.

The BCS COI task generates Minority Interest on FS Item "X12345" [FX-CTA], currently booking the adjustment to the same FS Item "X12345 "[FX-CTA]; the adjustment needs to instead be booked to a new FS Item "X67891" .


Based on activity in FS Item "X12345 "[FX-CTA]

Book MI-percentage to FS Item "X10000" [Min Int RE (Deficit)]

Offset to "X12345" [FX-CTA]

If the activity in "X12345 "[FX-CTA] is 1000 and the MI rate is 50%, it would have booked:

X10000 500

X12345 -500

The change request was to substitute new account "X67891" for "X12345 " in the generated entry. In the same example, the entry would now be:

X10000 500

X67891 -500

How can I change the offset from "X12345 "[FX-CTA to "X67891'.

Please help where I need to make changes to get the desired effect.

Thanks & Regards