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Former Member
Mar 05, 2009 at 01:54 PM

60-second delay, after executing logic, before a stored procedure begins


Hi all,

Running BPC 5.1 SP8 on SQL 2005.

Single-server DB & application Win2003 Dev server with 8 CPUs, 16 gig RAM, no activity other than this testing.

I have a piece of BPC script logic which calls a custom stored procedure.

- It's a standard BPC logic package, just the one Execute Formulas task

- the package does nothing except call the logic.

- it's called as logic.LGX, not the LGF, so there's no run-time validation

- the LGX file contains only one line:


It's taking longer to execute than I like, and I am trying to understand why.

- I start it from eData -> Run Pacakge

- it shows up in the package status window, a few seconds later

- the first thing the stored proc does, is log a timestamp to a transaction log

- it is sometimes a full 60 seconds from the time the package starts, until the stored proc starts

I can't understand why the app server would take 60 seconds before it starts. Any ideas?