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Former Member
Mar 05, 2009 at 10:19 AM

Foreign Key Management


I have created a MasterData UDO and I use it on a form that is AutoManaged. One of the fields in my MasterData Table is a foreign key to another table ( simple UDT ) . What I am trying to do is to get values from fields in that table to show in controls on the form automatically.

My MasterData table MyMD has a field X that has the property LinkedTable set to a simple table MyLT. MyLT also has a field with the same name and type as X.

I am binding an EditText to field X in table MyMD and another EditText to a field in table MyLT (different from X). I would like to have the second EditText value filled in by based on the value X in the first EditText.

This doesn't work, though. I have changed table MyLT to MasterData and it still doesn't work. Has anyone faced this issue before ?