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Mar 05, 2009 at 09:24 AM

Problem publishing database contents from non-unicode to unicode system


Hello everyone!

We just set up a new SAP WAS based on Netweaver 2004 as a unicode system. Out problem now is that we have a content management system on our non-unicode system and that we are publishing the contents via rfc to the WAS unicode system to display the contents online. the contents are stored in our own database tables.

The problem thereby is that many texts pasted from microsoft word contain special characters like bullets, long minus or low-9 quotation marks which are not correctly displayed in the unicode system / on the website. we already found out that it has something to do with the codepage. the sap notes say we should use 1160 instead of 1100 and that the transaction SPUMG would be helpful. but we are not able to select any tables there.

so now we do not know what to do exactly. do we have to change something in our non-unicode system or do we have to conversion in our unicode system. and what happends if content containing special microsoft word characters is published after the spumg conversion? do we have to to this frequently?

We would be glad if anyone could help.

Thanks a lot!