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Mar 05, 2009 at 07:16 AM

Logon Screen Custumization



I followed below steps to custumize logon screen.

But NO luck is this is the correct way or do we need to any toher changes.Please send me some helpful documents.Which resolves the problem.

i) The Logon screen files are in ( a zipped file) which can be copied from

">Import .

b.) Choose the option PAR file. Select Next and a popup window


c) Fill in the details in the screen which poped up .

iv) If the Par file is imported without any errors then we are set to make changes in the jsp files and the images the jsp files can to seen in the NWDS navigate to the PORTAL-INF through the dist folder.

V)There are seven jsp files and four text files which comprises of basic functionality of the Logon Page.

Changing The Text

VI)Before we move on to changing the text it is necessary to know how does that text appear on the screen .The text is stored in umelogonbase.jar which is in the lib folder of PORTAL-INF.( There has to be two files umelogonbase.jar and , if these files are not there ,then unzip the original par file and copy from them .If These files are not there then while deploying it will show Error).

VII)Once you open the umelogonbase.jar file there are some properties file which define the messages according to the language.Locate which contains the message ¡§WELCOME¡¨ under xtit_WELCOME.

Change the message and save the file.

This message is called from umLogonTopArea.txt .This txt file is included in the UmLogon.

Deploying The New Par File :-

In order to Upload the new par we need to comfigure the deployment descriptor.For

this we will make use of the j2ee engine. STOP THE J2EE ENGINE AND PORTAL.

1. Open The offlinecfgeditor .bat under the directory


2. Switch to edit mode by clicking on the will open a confirmation dialog yes..

Step 1

3. Navigate till cluster_data/server/persistent/

4. In the tree, select authschemes.xml and choose Download. Save the file (Since we

do not want to tamper the Initial setting swe will make Custoomized deployment


5. Open the file and replace the Occurrence of with your par file name ( don¡¦t change the rest part such as basicauthentication),and save it with a new name.

6. Navigate till and choose create symbol from

the toolbar available.

Select the type File-entry.Click on the Upload and select the custom file (which

you have made).Press create and close the window.Check whether the new node

appears or not in the configuration tree.

u201E« Navigate till cluster_data/server/cfg/services.

u201E« Double click on the Property sheet of and give uploaded xml file name.

u201E« Click on login. Authschemes.definition file in configtool and set the custum custum file name.