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Mar 04, 2009 at 08:15 PM

BPM - Multiple input files, need wait between send of each, not working


System is XI 3.0 SP19.

(Q1). Suppose there are multiple input files, the number can vary. When the BPM process triggers, the RECEIVE appears to take in all the files at the same time. There is no correlation between files; the requirement is to output / send each file (async) to the destination with a 5 minute gap between each file. (simple FTP). I have tried a BPM with a LOOP and a SEND and WAIT within the loop and a control counter, but the input files all are sent at the same time without the needed gap between files. I am new with BPM and am obviously missing something here? Suggestions please!

(Q2) With reference to Q1, suppose I receive five files, and these are being processed in a working BPM with 5 minute interval between each send, and along come three more files. Will these new arrivals wait on completion of the 1st set (this would be my expectation) or other? Same interface, etc is being used.

Thank you.