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Former Member
Mar 04, 2009 at 01:37 PM

Various questions regarding AS91, closing fiscal year and creation by error


Dear all,

I have some problems with asset accounting:

1. I created three assets in AS91 with acquisition date in 2007, these assets should not yet be depreciated so I put a depreciation key without depreciation. But since I put a useful life, the first time I ran AFAB ( 31/01/2009) depreciation was posted for all the periods until January 2009. How can I reverse this?

2. In one of my companies, they are not able to close fiscal year 2007 due to one asset which is not depreciated completely. How can I fix this to be able to close fiscal year 2007?

3. An asset was created by error and was already depreciated once. How can I delete the asset without being a retirement? A retirement wouldn't be correct as this asset actually has never existed.

Thank you so much