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Mar 04, 2009 at 10:40 AM

ORDERS05 incorrectly pushing the XVBAP-EAN11 onto screen-field VBAP-MATNR



For an inbound sales order (IDoc, basic type ORDERS05) I am passing EAN of materials on E1EDP19-IDTNR with qualfier 003. SAP understands that this is not the SAP-matnr, but is the EAN. Hence, SAP correctly populates the XVBAP-EAN11 -- refer LVEDAF5F.

However, later on, during actual VA01-BDC processing -- refer LVEDAF4O -- SAP is pushing that EAN11 on VBAP-MATNR (that is normal SAP-material number), and thereby IDoc runs into error.

I have implemented EXIT_SAPLVEDA_001 to get around this. But is there anything I am missing due to which standard SAP is not taking care of the EAN11 ? Please advise. Thank you.