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Is it possible to transport requests to 2 QA clients with ChaRM?


If there are 2 QA clients and requests need to be tranported to both clients at the same time,

can SolMan ChaRM handle this?

Transport route is as follows.


200___ ->__300___ ->_100


Anybody has experience?

My version is SolMan 7.0 SP16

Thank you

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4 Answers

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    Mar 04, 2009 at 09:28 AM


    we are using 3 different clients in QA and this is working fine.

    But don"t forget that one of them will be the main QA.

    If your TMS is set-up correctly, (meaning you can test your transport route without CHARM in a first place)

    this is working fine. You must first check this at TMS level.

    Don't forget to check your SMSY. (system component)

    if you need this only for one project you only need to create a new project or update the correspind project

    in SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN when you include your system component check that all target clients are defined there. If not you can still do it manually.

    important note : If you have already projects running you need to update all your projects manually

    feel free to ask

    best regards


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    • Former Member Former Member


      Sorry for my late reply. I did the investigation of multiple QA client import and got the result.

      My landscape is

      DEV QA PRD

      100 --> 200, 300 --> 100

      ---> QA 200, 300 are in same target group

      --> QA 200 is the main QA route

      I run TMWFLOW/SCMA_BTCH_SYNC_TEST and it works well.

      But, online program /TMWFLOW/SCMA_TRIMP_SYNC_TEST does not work even though

      it is excuted in the corresponding task list. It returns error.

      I think I will go with TMWFLOW/SCMA_BTCH_SYNC_TEST, but you know how to execute /TMWFLOW/SCMA_TRIMP_SYNC_TEST? When and with what parameteres?


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    Former Member
    Mar 04, 2009 at 08:37 AM

    I havn't work with charm yet, but you can do this by using target groups. For this, you have to activate the extended transport control ( by setting the tp paramater 'CTC' to 1. Then you can define target groups and in this target group can be any system.client.

    Hope it helps,



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    Former Member
    Mar 19, 2009 at 04:53 PM

    Dear, I am with the situation a little different. Instead of having two clients in QA, I can two of DEV.

    Today I have the charm implemented and working correctly, only a client of DEV. I need to create a request that I can tell which client I need. I am not able, someone has been there?

    My landscape today is:

    DEV-> QAS -> PRD

    300 100 100

    I need to configure to make

    DEV -> QAS -> PRD

    (300 OR 310) 100 100



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    • Former Member

      Hi Mag,

      the standard solution is to have one customizing client and one development client (thus 2 client in DEV). (At KONE we use only client to do both one but the programmers manually change the target group of the workbench transports)

      Depending on the object type the target group will be thus different

      Now if you want to customize in 2 different clients you will face consistency issues like we had in the past in our company when we were managing every project in a different client. Consolidation was a nightmare.

      We are not doing it anymore but I guess this is still possible even with solman

      The first step is to customize TMS correctly and open 2 customizing client.

      Because transport are client independent, you should be able to work in both but for the release I am not sure how SOLMAN is going to the right client. Maybe SOLMAN is smart enough to ask you in which development client you want to work....I hope some other have this experience, I don't have this one with solman

      good luck

      br Xavier

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    Former Member
    Aug 05, 2009 at 06:36 PM

    Guys this tread has been very helpful. My problem is different. I have a target client in my dev machine of /ENT_ABAP/ for workbench request. We recently change our QAS system from C00 to C03. We created a new Logical Component and Project for this QA change. But when we create a transport in Charm it default to target group co3:100 instead of /ENt_ABAP/ which it did before. I am a Basis consultant so Charm configuration is not my expertise. Any help to get the default target groups to say /ENT_ABAP/ instead of c03:100...

    donald.smith3 at


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