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Mar 04, 2009 at 06:36 AM

IDoc Processing in SAP


Hi Team,

I have question about SAP Idoc processing ,

1) How does SAP process Idocs when it gets around 20 Idocs all in a fraction of secodes for same Idoc/process code and message type . Will SAP process them one by one , or it will process them all together in parallel processing. Please help me out with this.

2) We have SAP 3.1 released used for creating delivery when an Inbound Idoc get in to SAP. Most of the time we see Idocs creating delivery but some time Idocs does not create delivery in production, we never had this issue in quality. What can be probale cause of this isse?

3) We are facing a strange problem , We have one Inbound Idoc which perform following activity :

1. Change delivery (Already created Delivery )

2. MB1C (add Inventory )

3. Picking

4. PGI

In the above flow next step will be executed only when preceding steps is successful .Every process is doing itu2019s job in Test /Quality /Production system as expected . But in production some time we are getting some problem while performing Change delivery / Picking . I would like to know from you people have you ever came across such scenario or you have something to add to the process then please share the approach to minimizes the cause.

Please share your views.