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Mar 03, 2009 at 11:24 PM

mass change of transport layer in several development classes possible ?


Because of changing one of the SAP system landscapes from 3-tier (DEV,QA,PROD) to 2-tier (DEV,PROD) I have adjusted the transportways in STMS and also changed the standard transport layer of DEV system from Z<QSID> to Z<PSID> ( way from DEV to PROD))

Now I see the problem to change all of the existing customer development classes Z/Y to the new stand transport layer, too.

I know the way via SE80- select the development class name- return, then double-click on the development class and then "change mode" and the transport layer can be adjusted.

Because of the high number of customer development classes the question:

Is there any possibilty of a mass change of the transportlayer of several development classes (all from Z<QSID> to Z<PSID>) ?