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Mar 03, 2009 at 09:38 PM

Data archiving - FI documents retention period need to be based on clearing


I was wondering if other companies have this dilemma and how they were able to resolve this.

Our retention period is based on the document clearing date and not the document creation date. The archiving program (SARA, FI_DOCUMNT) selects the data by fiscal year/period. The problem is how to group the data by clearing date. This is the first time we're archiving and therefore, have data that dates back to 1993. I suppose we can write a BADI to create the files based on the clearing date and then add the clearing year as part of the file name. This would require us to delete the files created by SAP from the Archivelink tables.

To illustrate our dilemma.

Document Posting date Clearing Archivable Actual arch date Contents of the file

1 1/1/1995 1/10/1995 1/10/2002 3/10/2009 doc 1, expired: 1/10/1995

2 1/1/1995 1/10/1996 1/10/2003 3/10/2009 doc 2, expired: 1/10/1996

3 1/1/1995 1/10/1997 1/10/2004 3/10/2009 doc 3, expired: 1/10/1997

As you can see, if I run it for 1995, the file will contain multiple clearing dates and the retention rule is clearing date plus 7 years.

Thank you,