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Weights on outbound delivery


simple question - I have an Outbound delivery, gross weight is 440 KG, net weight is 356 KG.

When I check this weights in Detail, I can see that this is only based on summing up the gross/net weight of the pieces, not including any handling unit.

In total it would be 647 KG (including some wooden pallets, some cartons, ...).

Is there a way to have the handling unit tara weights included in the gross/net weight of the Outbound delivery?



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1 Answer

  • Jul 11, 2018 at 09:19 AM

    Hi Michael,

    the standard calculation does not take HU information into consideration. Using HU may seem on the first view quite obvious, but can cause undefined questions like the following:

    - in case of a cross HU , how would you calculate the weight of one delivery?

    - in case of a mixed HU how would you calculate the weight of one item

    Therefore this is not done. Typically you would e.g. use TUs which then include HUs where then the weight of the HU is used.

    But not for deliveries.

    If you want to change the way the weight/volume is calculated you may use BAdIs /SCWM/EX_DLV_DET_ADDMEAS (methods CHANGE_HEADER_WEIGHT_VOLUME and/or CHANGE_ITEM_WEIGHT_VOLUME ) and also BAdI /SCWM/EX_DLV_DET_LOAD (method CHANGE_DATA_RETR_ONLY_RESULT) for cases where the calculation is e.g. done in monitoring.

    But what you should always keep in mind that the above BAdIs may be called very often or with high data volume. Therefore also performance is an issue here. During repacking it may also be that the calculation is not directly called. So you should check where exactly you need to have the quantity changed. Is it in the EWM-Monitor, /SCWM/PRDO? Also maybe you can check if you really require this information. For TUs it may be ok, as it makes a difference if the TU includes the HU weight/volume, but is it really required on delivery level?

    Best regards


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