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Jul 03, 2018 at 05:07 AM

Pop-up message in XD02 leaving active screen and navigating to another screen


Hi Experts,

I am displaying pop-up message in XD02 for validation of KNA1-NAME4 (General data). I have implemented BTE '00001321' for the same. Problem is after giving pop-up when user clicks on ok button, control is going to 'Sales area data' tab and clearing values of 2 fields (currency & pricing proc). If I maintain them program works fine. But I should not be into sales area data tab after pop-up, it should allow me to be in 'general data' tab to make changes in NAME4 field. Below is code FYR. Please suggest.

if I_kna1-name4 is initial.

message text-001 type 'E' display like 'I'.

Leave to list-processing.