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Jul 04, 2018 at 11:07 AM

Screen Personas Script Error in IW22 SAP PM module: "failed to set value: readonly" on batch step"


Hi All

We have attached the below script to the Priority change pop up coming in IW22 SAP PM module.

if (session.idExists("wnd[1]") === true) { session.findById("wnd[1]/usr/btnBUTTON_1").press(); }

Later we enable Change button in the IW22 Screen Personas Edioto.When we change the notification type from the drop down in the screen personas page we are getting error below:

A running Personas script could have caused this error. Please check your active scripts.

Received "failed to set value: readonly" on batch step: {"content":"Z2","post":"value/wnd[0]/usr/subSCREEN_1:SAPLIQS0:1050/subNOTIF_TYPE:SAPLIQS0:1052/cmbRIWO00-QMARTE"}

The complete batch was:

When we check the standard IW22 screen in change of notification type from drop down the priority change pop up is appearing after a page refresh .When we click on Yes button in the pop up the notification type is changed and notification type field is disabled.

But in our screen personas when we change the notification from drop down in IW22 we are getting error message mentioned in the above.

Could you please provide your inputs why we are getting the above mentioned error and procedure to fix it.