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Mar 03, 2009 at 09:42 AM

Shared Memory Short Dump: SHMM ab_ShmResetLocks - anyone?



I have a problem with shared memory area (SHMM) that dumps.

I have a tool that uses a shared memory area instance to store data.

When I run the tool and update the data stored in the instance, a short dump is thrown:

SYSTEM_SHM_AREA_OBSOLETE with the explanation:

An attempt was made to access a shared memory area that has already been

released. Possible reasons for release:

- explicit release from an ABAP program or from the shared objects

management transaction

- implicit release during resource shortages

The first one does not match, as I DO NOT explicitly release the instance of my area.

Moreover, ST22 shows me different parts of code every time, so my code is not the cause, or a specific part of code, or data that I shift.

The second one would probably be the cause.

But how can I avoid it?

Moreover, there in SM21(System Log) there is at this time, there is a runtime error, that says

ab_ShmResetLocks and nothing more:(

Shared Memory size is sufficient.

The Shared Memory Area Settings (SHMA) do not time out the read/write access(Lifetime: no entry and Automatic area structuring is set)

Any help is more than welcome, why i get the short dump!!

best regards