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Mar 03, 2009 at 09:33 AM

dialog server not started


Dear all,

We have one central server and 3 application servers but one application server not started in sm51 its show u201Cstartingu201D then after that status stratus is change u201Cshutdownu201D

Following is the sap startup logs

ahlpd2:prdadm> cat startsap_D02.log

Trace of system startup/check of SAP System PRD on Tue Mar 3 13:18:34 PKT 2009

Called command: /usr/sap/PRD/SYS/exe/run/startsap

Starting SAP Instance D02


SAP-R/3-Startup Program Rel 640 V1.8 (2003/04/24)


Starting at 2009/03/03 13:18:34

Startup Profile: "/usr/sap/PRD/SYS/profile/START_D02_ahlpd2"

Execute Pre-Startup Commands


(5917) Local: /usr/sap/PRD/SYS/exe/run/sapmscsa -n pf=/usr/sap/PRD/SYS/profile/P


/usr/sap/PRD/SYS/exe/run/sapmscsa=>sapparam(2): fopenU("/usr/sap/PRD/SYS/profile

/PRD_D02_ahlpd1","r"): No such file or directory

/usr/sap/PRD/SYS/exe/run/sapmscsa=>No Profile used.

/usr/sap/PRD/SYS/exe/run/sapmscsa=>sapparam: SAPSYSTEMNAME neither in Profile no

r in Commandline

/usr/sap/PRD/SYS/exe/run/sapmscsa: SCSA is attached and useable.

/usr/sap//D00/log/SLOG00: No such file or directory

rslgwr1(11): rstrbopen cannot open SysLog file.

SysLog:iE152009030313183400 5918 0sa no TTY prdadm

: sapmscsa 0000

:SCSA 4096

/usr/sap/PRD/SYS/exe/run/sapmscsa: finished.

(5917) Local: rm -f dw.sapPRD_D02

(5917) Local: ln -s -f /usr/sap/PRD/SYS/exe/run/disp+work dw.sapPRD_D02

(5917) Local: rm -f se.sapPRD_D02

(5917) Local: ln -s -f /usr/sap/PRD/SYS/exe/run/rslgsend se.sapPRD_D02

Starting Programs


(5923) Starting: local dw.sapPRD_D02 pf=/usr/sap/PRD/SYS/profile/PRD_D02_ahlpd2

(5924) Starting: local se.sapPRD_D02 -F pf=/usr/sap/PRD/SYS/profile/PRD_D02_ahlp


(5917) Waiting for Child Processes to terminate.

Instance on host ahlpd2 started

Checking Installation


Starting IGS


[1] 5978

IGS on host ahlpd2 started

(5917) **** 2009/03/03 13:19:16 Child 5923 terminated with Status 0 . ****