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Jul 02, 2018 at 09:41 AM

SCP Offline app definingRequests filtering.

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I have the below definingRequests setup for an offline store.

All are fine except UserInfoSet, which has also had a READ method in ABAP

As there is no QUERY(filter) method, will the below work? or do I need to creat a QUERY method for UserInfoSet and pass in my UserId as a filter?

		"definingRequests": {
				"CategorySet": "/CategorySet/",
				"CompetencySet": "/CompetencySet/",
				"AnswerSet": "/AnswerSet/",
				"QuestionSet": "/QuestionSet/",
				"JobSet": "/JobSet/",
				"ResultSet": "/ResultSet/",
				"SiteSet": "/SiteSet/",
				"SurveySet": "/SurveySet/",
				"UserInfoSet": "/UserInfoSet('HARKUSAD')/"