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Mar 02, 2009 at 08:48 AM

Exception with "Channel has reached maximum concurrency"


Sometime when we send a lot of messages to JDBC adapter, we get this exception in the JDBC communication channel:

Delivery of the message to the application using connection JDBC_ failed, due to: Channel has reached maximum concurrency (5,000 concurrent messages) and no free resource found within 5,000 milliseconds; increase the maximum concurrency level.

When I restart the XI, the problem solved temporarily, but after every several days,it came out again.

So I checked some parameter in VA, I found these two paramaters which have the value 5000:

MaxFOQSize Maximum size of pool with reusable objects 5000

MaxRQSize Maximum size of waiting object queue 5000

I wonder if these two parameters are the right parameters which I should change.For example, I tune the two paramters to 10000 both.

Any Sugguestion?Thanks a lot!