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Jun 29, 2018 at 09:10 PM

Combining line items from multiple sales orders



We have a business process that if a customer orders more than say 10 quantities then we will waive off the freight charge.

But if the customer orders say 15 qty and we can confirm only 10 then we will not charge freight and open qty will be 5 which will be applicable for freight.

In such cases what business wants is that if same customer orders 5 qty again then we should combine the 5 qty open from previous order and deliver 10 qty so that freight is not charged.

I know we can combine multiple orders to create single delivery but how do we ensure that the pricing is also calculated based on total qty of combined order instead of individual orders.

I know it may be a bit confusing but that is how this requirement is and I would really appreciate any help that can point me in the correct direction.