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Mar 02, 2009 at 04:53 AM

Issues Uploading Characteristics Data into SAP Using LSMW



I have a requirement where I need to Upload the Characteristics Data (CT04) into SAP. I am using LSMW method and since I cannot go for the Recording Method (CT04 doesn't support Recording), I've used a BAPI BAPI_CHARACT_CREATE to create characteristics. However, when I run the Project it says that the characteristic has been created but when I goto CT04 and try to display the Created Characteristic, it doesn't show up the one I created at all.

Eventually what I found was that the Standard BAPI doesn't do a COMMIT and due to which the Characteristic was not getting Created. So, I've developed a Custom BAPI with reference to the existing BAPI in which I've included the COMMMIT BAPI do perform the Database Commit.

Now, the Problem is that there is a TABLE of type BAPICHARACTREFERENCES in which if I do not append an Entry with TABLENAME as CABN and FIELDNAME as ATINN , it doesn't create the Characteristic. As per the Business Requirement the Functional Team cannot provide these two fields as they are optional. But if I dont give those values, it doesn't get created. Is there anyway to resolve this issue? This problem occurs even when I go for the LSMW-IDOC Method in which I am using the CHRMAS01 Basic Type & CHRMAS as the Message Type. Please let me know.

Thanks and Regards,

Venkata Phani Prasad Konduri