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Mar 01, 2009 at 11:51 PM

How can I assign actions only for BP in certain partner function?



Can anybody tell me how to assign action for BP in ceratin partner function?

This is what I accomplish: BP in partner function "SDCR0002" has "Create change document" action in action list. Other BP can not perform the action. (the action is not displayed in their action list)

Let's say my BP is DEVMGR1 (mapped to my SAP user ID), I want only DEVMGR1 to perform pertner-dependent action. No other user is able to perform the action because they have different BP IDs.

I set "partner-dependent for the action types" in Action profile, but problem I am facing is that in CRMD_ORDER, the action is displayed in any user's action list. I enter BP ID"DEVMGR1" in SDCR0002 filed, so I expect that only I can perform the action......

I think this should be pssible, but can not find configutation so far.

By the way, partner-dependent email notification works fine, but actions like HF_SET_STATUS are the problem.

Thank you